Class zebkit.draw.ArrowView
extends <zebkit.draw.View>

Arrow view. Tye view can be use to render triangle arrow element to one of the following direction: "top", "left", "bottom", "right".

zebkit.draw.ArrowView (d, col, w, h)

  • d <String>

    an arrow view direction.

  • col <String>

    an arrow view color.

  • w <Integer>

    an arrow view width.

  • h <Integer>

    an arrow view height.

public chainable setGap (gap)

Set gap.

  • gap <Integer>

    a gap

public <String> color

Arrow color

public <String> direction

Arrow direction.

public <Boolean> fill

Indicates if the arrow has to be filled with the arrow line color.

public <Integer> gap


public <Integer> height

Arrow height.

public <Integer> lineWidth

Line width.

public <Integer> width

Arrow width.